Season 1, 2018- “The Way of the World” by William Congreve, Directed by Ray Omodei
Production meetings have been held and planning is well underway for this production.
Auditions will be held on Tuesday Sept 26 at 6pm, Saturday 30 Sept at 10am and Sunday
1 Oct at 2pm.

Character List
Fainall – Secretly in love with Mrs Marwood.
Mirabell – in love with Mrs Millamant.
Witwoud/Petulant – two gentlemen of the town.
Sir Wilfull Witwoud – Half brother to Witwoud and nephew to Lady Wishfort.
Waitwell – servant to Mirabell.
Lady Wishfort – (any age) enemy to Mirabell.
Mrs Millamant – (any age) a fine lady, niece to Lady Wishfort.
Mrs Marwood – (any age) lover of Mr Fainall.
Mrs Fainall – daughter to Lady Wishfort.
Foible – woman to Lady Wishfort.
Mincing – woman to Mrs Millamant.
Peg – chambermaid to Lady Wishfort.
Betty – serving woman.
Plus various messengers and persons.
Members planning to audition should contact Siobhan Vincent (Mob: 0407 440 512; or Ken Harris (Mob:0448 844 768; to arrange a time.