Audition Notice

A Comedy Horror written by Martin Downing and Directed by Fred Petersen
The final season for the year…performance dates are between
29th of November and 15th December
A good chance to play grown-up dress-ups.
The roles to be filled – *AGES NOT SET IN STONE
The Baron Victor von Frankenstein A scientist, clean cut with forceful disillusioned personality. ~ 36
The Baroness von Frankenstein His wife, attractive, vain, diffident, outspoken ~ 28
Their butler. Indeterminate age, ugly, scruffy and shambles everywhere. Extrovert and eccentric.
Frau Lurker
She is in her mid-sixties and has a grim menacing manor. Speaks tersely  with a German accent and marches rather than walks.
Harry Talbot
Good looking, athletic but rather irritable American in early thirties
Isabel Channing
Attractive but extremely brash and provocative American early 20’s
Count Vlad Dracula
He appears to be in his mid-forties and speaks with a Romanian accent. Suave yet sinister and has great presence.
Countess Ilona Dracula
His wife, very attractive, late thirties, rather melancholy. Speaks with mid-European accent.
Doctor Henry Jekyll
Outspoken temperamental Scotsman in early fifties. Total extrovert. As Hyde he is horribly sinister and has to be able to speak and sing in a Cockney accent.
A Zombie Any age
A Vampire Pretty bride of Dracula, looks fearsome but when she speaks has a warm Cockney personality. ~ 30.
A Mummy  A Spectre and A Creature.
For further information please contact Fred.. 0438 927 393 or email with Dracula in the subject line
TIME: 2:00 – 4:00PM