Season 1
Cinderella, A Fairy Tale
Directed by Rob Whitehead
23rd March to 8th April

Season 2
Life After George
Written by Hannie Raysen
Directed by Lynne Devenish
th May to 10th June

Season 3
Relatively Speaking
Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Ken Harris
20th July to 5th August

One Act Season
Millie and Joan
Written and Directed by Yvette Wall
Sisters of Judas
Written by Yvette Wall
Directed by Janet Brandwood
Game of Tiaras
Written by Don Zolidis
Directed by Caitlyn Roberts
16th to 19th August

Season 4
The Glass Menagerie
Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Siobhan Vincent
11th to 22nd October
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Season 5
Cocky’s Crossing
Directed by Susan Vincent & Kerry Goode
23th November to December 9th
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