Season 1
Written by Louise Page
Directed by Ray Omodei
28 February to 16 March
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Season 2
Star Quality
Written by Noel Coward
Directed by Lynne Devenish
2 – 18 May

Season 3
Written by Ben Elton
Directed by Siobhan Vincent
4 – 20 July

Season 4  (Teens at Garrick mini season)
Agatha Rex
Written by Lindsay Price
Directed by Gail Lusted
9 – 17 August

Season 5
The Club
Written by David Williamson
Directed by Andrew Watson
26 September to 12 October

Season 6
On Our Selection
Based on Steele Rudd’s “Dad & Dave”
Directed by Siobhan Vincent
Choreography by Kerry Goode
28 November to 14 December