TAG meets one Saturday a month, 10am – 1pm, and each month we explore a different aspect of theatre. For example, last year we did improvisations, scene work, directing, voice, mime, Sword fighting and more. TAG is not just about acting. We pride ourselves in creating a supportive atmosphere where the students can be themselves, to create, develop, follow their passion and become a cohesive unit whereby, as is often the case in life, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. At the beginning of 2015 we staged ‘James and Giant Peach’ and won a variety of awards:  Adjudicators’ Certificates for STRONG YOUTH PERFORMANCE IN A LEADING ROLE STRONG COMEDIC DUO  AILSA TRAVERS AWARD FOR BEST COSTUMED PRODUCTION WINNER: JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH FOR CREATIVITY PRESIDENT’S ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD KATIE TONER for her passion for TAG and direction of and passion for James and the Giant Peach. It was with great pleasure, that we presented the 2016 Garrick one acts, directed by two of TAG’s older students, Jordan Tabb and Caitlyn Roberts who put their hearts and souls into these productions, “The Snow Queen” and “Dreamjobs”, overcoming all the trials and tribulations of being a director! Their creativity and dedication was a testament to them and made us very proud. These were entered into the annual Youth fest and won several commendations. We strongly encourage not only the students become a part of the theatre as whole, on stage and off, but also the parents. This years one act is being directed by Caitlyn again and is “Game Of Tiaras” a cross between King Lear and Game Of Thrones with fairytale characters. Production date is August 16 – 19th. Please contact caitlynr45@gmail.com for more information and check out Garrick’s audition page. TAG membership costs $20 per calendar year Gail Lusted, Drama B.Ed (Hons), Grad Dip. Dance/Drama (Secondary). For expressions of interest or more information please contact me at glusted@westnet.com.au PS. I am a Drama Teacher with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of theatre.

“TAG has provided more than drama lessons but a network of friends that are like minded. For teens like my son who likes film, movies, books and drama it’s not always easy to find other teens the same age with similar interests, especially when going to a small school.  TAG provides a safe environment where they can be themselves and HAVE FUN and be SUPPORTED by each other and by Gail.”

“As a parent I am so grateful to have a peer group that provide that. The culture in the group is to all be nice, and importantly each time I pick up my son from TAG he comes home happy and dreams of creating or being within the movie industry.  We have tried other teen programs but the skills and enthusiasm that Gail brings made the TAG group my son’s preferred group. TAG is a one off made possible by the wonderful Gail and Garrick theatre community. Keep on keeping on, the world can do with more creative souls encouraged in the right environment.
Thanks so much for all your hard work”

“My daughter has been involved in TAG since the group’s inception. I cannot emphasise the value that being part of this group has impressed on her. The sense of camaraderie, development of confidence and self-esteem is invaluable as she now approaches her mid teens. She now has a keen sense of self and is exploring other opportunities to develop her acting skills on stage and screen. I will be forever grateful to Gail for facilitating this group and her selfless commitment to this generation of youth.”

“The Tag programme means a lot to my daughter, I have in the past tried several groups and activities to help her with her severe anxiety, none have done for her what TAG has. She has struggled until TAG to make friends, she felt she didn’t have anything to offer anyone and would not contribute. She now feels like she belongs and that who she is matters, she now will put herself out there and is a completely different child, TAG has given her a sense of belonging and given her the courage to show people who she really is.” 

“My son has been a member of TAG since 2014, he has been involved in several productions during these 4 years. In this time he has gained so much experience and confidence. Gail has always made him feel welcome, important and cared for, offering a very high standard of teaching and mentoring. He has made life long friends and loves being a part of the TAG community.”