We are always in need of tradesmen and handy men and women  to help out at the theatre.  If you are retired but wish to keep active why not volunteer your time and skills to the club.
Currently we are looking for someone with cabinet making skills to look at some work backstage in the wardrobe area.  All materials are paid for by the club so nobody is out of pocket.


Calling all those interested in theatrical production
Our technical Supervisor Edi Boross is very interested in hearing from anyone who would like to get involved in the technical production side of our theatre.
Apart from all the major building work done by the city of swan, the technical crew at the Garrick have completely renovated the bio-box, rewired and installed up-todate and reliable audio, video and computer equipment to greatly enhance all our future productions.
Edi would like to hear from anyone who is interested in learning new skills, from operating the bio-box for productions, to lighting and sound design and rigging of equipment and more.
Training will be ongoing from show to show, with the aim of having a group of people available to form a technical production team.
Initial skill and experience are not important, just a willingness to get involved.
Edi can be contacted on: mobile 0400 599 996 or